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Top 5 Most Memorable Merdeka TV Commercials

Alya Aljeffri

2018-09-04 09:00:04

The 61st Malaysia Independence Day was celebrated with a grand royal parade held at Dataran Merdeka last Friday. Hari Merdeka (also known as Hari Kebangsaan), is referred to as the day when the Federation of Malaya’s independence from the British Empire was officially declared.

This post will bring back some nostalgic feelings, especially to those who grew up in an era where social media was non existent in our society (I’m looking at you, 90s kids), and we only had television for entertainment.

Although it could be annoying at times when these commercials cut in between our favourite TV shows, we can’t help but to admit that some of them have ended up growing on us.

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As it’s Merdeka month, we decided to bring back five of the most memorable Merdeka TV commercials that most of you might remember:

1. One Little Indian Boy (1996 & 1997)

Source: YouTube

Here’s the OG of all Merdeka TV commercials. This TV ad was the one that started the whole tradition. This commercial was by Petronas, and the story follows an Indian boy’s personal perception towards Malaysia’s Independence Day.

2. Boat Race (1999 & 2001)

Source: YouTube

If you grew up in the 90s, this TV commercial might seem familiar to you. It started off with two competing boat racing teams — red and yellow. The red team had a great start, but their overconfidence and disunity led them to failure. Meanwhile, the yellow team started off slow but steady, which helped them plod their way to victory. But then, something magical happened…(watch the ad to find out more)

3. Param’s Bicycle (2003)

Source: YouTube

Here’s another memorable Merdeka commercial from Petronas. This story was about the lives of three young boys — an Indian, a Malay, and a Chinese – and how they all grew up together. The TV commercial ended by showing the three boys all grown up, discussing about the differences between the past and current generation.

4. It’s OK. We’re Family. (2014)

Source: YouTube

This commercial will leave a huge smile on your face. It portrayed how Malaysia consists of various accents, ethnicities, and walks of life. But at the end of it all, Malaysians are considered as one family.

5. Tan Hong Ming In Love (2007)

Source: YouTube

Here’s a classic that will not fail to melt our hearts. This sweet captivating commercial, directed by the late Yasmin Ahmad, was about a young Chinese boy named Tan Hong Ming, and his childhood crush — a young Malay girl named Umi Qazrina. The entire commercial was shot with a bunch of primary school children answering a series of unscripted questions. We wouldn’t want to give any spoilers, so watch the video to see how it all ends!


These are our top five picks of Merdeka TV commercials. We hope you enjoyed watching them!

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