SkyBridge LED Overhead Footbridge Malaysia | AdEasy
SkyBridge LED Overhead Footbridge Malaysia | AdEasy

Sky Bridge

Digital Billboard
Central Malaysia
English, Malay, Chinese

LED Overhead Foot Bridges - High Impact, High Recall!

Our LED Overhead Footbridges a.k.a SkyBridge provides a hard-hitting, attention-grabbing medium for advertisers along prominent and high-traffic areas. High definition screen with incredible visibility allows for more interactivity, making outdoor ever more relevant to multi-platform campaigns.

They can deliver very high levels of reach and frequency to a campaign; across the major roads into the suburbs and the CBD. Our Sky bridges are positioned in highly strategic locations, right in front of the moving traffic; reaching commuters on their way home from work.

The digital format at these strategic locations fuels campaign relevance, impact and recall and when paired with smart content, they are unmissable.

Operation Hour : 17 Hours ( 7am – 12 midnight daily )
1 ,020 Minutes / 61,200 Seconds

Commercial Appearance : 3min / loop ( 180 seconds / loop )

Duration of Spot : 15 seconds / slot / advertiser / max 12 slots / loop
10 slots for commercial, 2 slots for civic message

Spots Per Day : 340 spots / day / advertiser / panel

Spots Per Month : 10,200 spots / month/ advertiser/panel

Primary Audience
Male & Female
Age Range

English, Malay, Chinese

Monthly Income Range
MYR 2,000 - MYR 8,000

Government Officer, Blue Collar, Other White Collar, Homemaker, Retired, High School Student, University Student, PMEBs (professionals, managers, executives, businessmen), Expatriate, Tourist, Others

Education Level

Less Than High School, High School Diploma, Bachelor's Degree, Master's Degree, Doctorate or Professional Degree

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