SkyDrive LED Display Screen Malaysia | AdEasy
SkyDrive LED Display Screen Malaysia | AdEasy

Sky Drive

Digital Billboard
Central Malaysia
Southern Malaysia
English, Malay, Chinese

LED Display Screen Advertising – Your road to success

Repeat. Repeat. Repeat……. That’s how brands build high recall among target customers. When you ensure that a viewer sees your brand/logo at regular intervals, day in and day out, twice each day– Nothing can stop your brand from being on top of the mind. SkyBlue Media’s SkyDrive provides you with exactly this solution.

Like a queen’s necklace studded with sparkling diamonds, our Led Display screens all along the medians of major highways including the Federal Highway, glow supremely, thus creating high visibility for your brand.

Best suited for branding solutions, these 3’ x 6’ Display screens are placed on the lighting poles thus creating a repetitive impression of the brand in the viewers mind.

The fact that these boards are digital in nature helps you communicate multiple messages to the viewer, one single click of the mouse and you can manipulate each board to deliver exactly what you wish.


Operation Hour :17 Hours ( 7am – 12midnight daily)
1,020 Minutes / 61,200 Seconds

Commercial Appearance : 6.40min / loop ( 400 seconds / loop )

Duration of Spot : 20 seconds / slot / advertiser / max 20 slots / loop

Spots Per Day: 153 spots per panel / day / advertiser

Spots Per Month: 4,590 spots per panel /day/

Primary Audience
Male & Female
Age Range

English, Malay, Chinese

Monthly Income Range
MYR 2,000 - MYR 8,000

Government Officer, Blue Collar, Other White Collar, Homemaker, Retired, High School Student, University Student, PMEBs (professionals, managers, executives, businessmen), Expatriate, Tourist, Others

Education Level

Less Than High School, High School Diploma, Bachelor's Degree, Master's Degree, Doctorate or Professional Degree

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