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Track your offline advertising performance

AdEasy now makes it possible for you to track your offline advertising campaigns’ performance. With our post-campaign report, you will be able to measure in-store visits as an outcome of your offline advertising campaigns. Other than quantifying the results of your ad campaigns, you’ll also be able to understand the demographics, interests and behaviors of those who are exposed to your ad.

What is in the report

The report will enable you to track how many people are exposed to your ad, in terms of their profile breakdown (e.g. demographics and interests), as well as track their visits to your store (e.g. frequency of visits).

If your campaign has multiple media (e.g. five billboards), you will be able to measure the performance of each media from the total exposure and their contribution to your in-store traffic.

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*Our tracking and profiling method is fully compliant with global privacy standards

Report pricing

Post Campaign Report | AdEasy


Report includes data on total ad exposure, profile breakdown (demographics and interests) and store visits.

Request for a report

This post-campaign report is available as an add-on for any location-based media booking with AdEasy. Simply select the report from the ‘Add-on’ options. All post-campaign reports purchased with media bookings on AdEasy will enjoy up to 50% savings.

Alternatively, if you prefer to purchase a post-campaign report without any media bookings with AdEasy, kindly contact us at and we will get in touch with you as soon as we can.

Coming soon

Currently, AdEasy offers post-campaign reports for location-based media only (i.e. billboards, digital screens, gantries, etc). We are working to make this report available for other media types, as well as additional reporting features to track offline to online traffic. Do subscribe to our newsletter for updates on when these new features will be launched.

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