Advantages of Bicycle Advertising

Bike sharing has arrived in Malaysia! As we all discover a whole new way of moving around in the city, bike rentals are creating a whole new way for you to advertise.

The biggest advantage of bike advertising in Malaysia is how bike sharing technology has put bikes almost everywhere in Malaysia's hottest spots. Thanks to its free-floating nature, bicycles don't have to be returned to a fixed rental location and are available all around town. This means your ads will be seen on all sidewalk-friendly zones in the city.

Advantages of Bicycle Advertising
Why Advertise On Bicycle?
  • Versatile Mini-Billboards

    Mini mobile billboards on bicycles put your brand in the most pedestrian-friendly, trendy, urban spots of Malaysia. Gain impressions on the go or parked by the road – with a fleet of hundreds of bikes, your brand will gain impressions in hoards.

  • Excellent Downtown Coverage

    Bike sharing is available all over urban Malaysia's hottest locations – especially in downtown areas, university campuses, trendy neighbourhoods, etc. Thanks to their versatile, sporty nature, bikes travel to places other media cannot.

  • Extremely Cost-Effective

    Unlike most other media, bicycle advertising in Malaysia is relatively new and extremely cost-effective. Your ads will gain hundreds of impressions per day at the fraction of the cost.

  • Wide Reach to An Innovative Crowd

    Bicycle advertising is suitable for all types of businesses – but thanks to the innovative nature of bike sharing in Malaysia, it's a sweet spot for you if your target audience is the youthful, sporty, contemporary early adopters of the country.


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