Size matters. Billboard advertising stand large, bright and tall on Malaysia's high-traffic highways with 24/7 mass exposure. Billboards capture millions of impressions repeatedly with a single larger-than-life image.

The advantage of billboard advertising in Malaysia is its tried and true impact on brand credibility. When you choose billboard advertising, you're sending the oldest and most reliable signal of all – your brand is big, bold, and worth shouting about – so customers can trust you.

Why Advertise On Billboard?
  • Maximum Repeated Exposure

    Billboard advertising is there 24/7. Commuters can't switch them off and don't have to buy a paper or ticket to see them. Your ads are free for all, giving your brand maximum exposure in Malaysia.

  • Geo-Targets Masses

    Reach customers where they live, work, and socialise. Your ads will be repeatedly seen by a wide demographic of all ages and interests in Malaysia, making your brand a household name.

  • Boosts Brand Credibility

    Billboard advertising sends the signal that your brand means business and can afford to buy attention. Billboard advertising effectively communicates your brand's success and win the trust of new customers.


1680 billboards available