With larger-than-life videos playing on Malaysia's sprawling highways, digital billboards give you the best of both worlds – the outsize impact of old-school billboards and the freshness of a shiny digital display. Enjoy more intelligent and dynamic advertising in Malaysia than ever before.

When you advertise with digital billboards, you're telling the world that your company is big news. The high production value says your brand can be trusted and the modern dynamic display says you're tech-savvy and forward-looking.

Why Advertise On Digital Billboard?
  • High Repeated Exposure

    Your ads will stay up 24/7 and will never be switched off. Day and night – your ads will be a constant reminder of your brand to millions of daily commuters on Malaysia's high-traffic roads.

  • Major Visibility and Impact

    Digital billboards are still new and fascinating to consumers. This is why they continue to grab attention. It's impossible to miss a gigantic digital billboard with moving pictures. Your ads will stop traffic with its larger-than-life animated videos.

  • Reaches Mass Audiences

    Target everyone in a single location. Your ads will reach a mass audience of all ages and demographics, over time making your brand a household name in Malaysia.


403 digital billboards available