Residential Media Options in Malaysia

57 residential ad spaces available

Advantages of Residential Advertising

The demand for residential advertising in Malaysia is growing. From barrier gates to lifts, residential advertising brings you into the home environment of your customers in a highly targeted way.

The advantage of residential advertising in Malaysia is that you can reach specific customer segments in specific places. Thanks to frequent exposure – your ads will be seen by customers a few times a day as they leave and return to their homes – your brand will have top-of-mind recall among your customers.

Advantages of Residential Advertising
  • Very Cost-Effective

    Unlike most other media, residential advertising in Malaysia is relatively new and very cost-effective. Your ad will gain hundreds of impressions per day at the fraction of the cost.

  • Highly Targeted Reach

    Your ads will be in highly specific locations with specific demographics, so you can be sure you're reaching the right crowd in Malaysia.

  • Boosts Brand Recall

    Your ads will be seen repeatedly on a daily basis by your customers. This high frequency and exposure will boost your brand's awareness and recall.

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