In-store advertising is one of the most effective ways to shape shopper habits in Malaysia to increase your sales. In-store advertising uses on-site messaging to target customers already in the store to trigger a purchase or encourage more shopping.

The advantage of in-store advertising in Malaysia is that your customers are already right there and primed to receive messages. Your ads will deliver information to engaged, interested shoppers – who are just waiting for a sign that their purchase is the right choice. With the right placement and message, your ads will trigger customers to make a purchase or make a larger purchase.

Why Advertise On Shopping Mall?
  • Highly Effective Sales Driver

    An in-store shopper engagement study that interviewed 3,000 mass merchant shoppers has found that:

    • 82% of purchasing decisions are made while in a store
    • 62% of shoppers make an impulse buy while shopping
    • 16% of unplanned purchases are driven by in-store promotions

  • Influential Purchasing Trigger

    It's the real-life "You might like these too." The right ad placement and message will inform your customers of your brand helping them discover the good stuff you have.

  • Repeated Exposure

    Positioned at eye level and placed at key high traffic locations for maximum visibility and awareness, shopping mall ads enjoy repeated exposure to shoppers who are already in the mood to purchase. Talk directly to them at this most opportune moment and let them know why they should purchase from you.


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