With train advertising, your ads are always right on track. Choose from highly visible train exterior wraps or up-close interior advertising. Whether you are targetting passengers or passersby in Malaysia, your ads are bound to grab attention.

The biggest advantage of train advertising is its mass coverage at high frequency. Thanks to repeated train routes on monorail and light rail transits frequented by thousands of daily commuters, your ads will be seen travelling all around Malaysia's urban centers – making thousands of impressions daily.

Why Advertise On Train?
  • Frequent Coverage in Targeted Areas

    Trains follow fixed and frequent routes and stop at high-traffic stations throughout the day. Your ad will be a constant reminder to thousands of people in highly targeted geographic areas in Malaysia.

  • In-Train Captive Audience

    Interior train ads give captive passengers something to look at – on and off their mobile phones. Generate leads and conversions in Malaysia on the go with app downloads, page likes, online giveaways – and transform boredom into brand engagement.

  • Extended Geographical Reach

    Exterior train ads put you on the map in Malaysia. Your ads will be in constant movement throughout Malaysia's urban centers – reaching thousands of monorail and light rail commuters in bustling stations and even more drivers on the road.

  • 24/7 Brand Exposure

    Unlike a TV or radio ad, it's impossible to turn off an ad wrapped around a long, moving transit vehicle – giving your brand 24/7 exposure in and around Malaysia's urban hotspots.


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