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SkyView Outdoor Billboard Malaysia | AdEasy

Sky View

Central Malaysia
English, Malay, Chinese

Unipole Outdoor Advertising Solutions – The BIG Picture

When you need to create a big bang awareness campaign among your customers and need a large canvas to do so, SkyView provides you with the best solutions in the form of a large bank of Mega size Unipole Advertising Assets in some of the most prime locations in Malaysia including Subang and LDP Highway.

SkyBlue Media’s Flagship product SkyView is suited for customers looking for creating large banner campaigns. To Ensure that you get more mileage per square feet, all our Unipole assets are double sided, thus giving you double visibility!

Primary Audience
Male & Female
Age Range

English, Malay, Chinese

Monthly Income Range
MYR 2,000 - MYR 8,000

Government Officer, Blue Collar, Other White Collar, Homemaker, Retired, High School Student, University Student, PMEBs (professionals, managers, executives, businessmen), Expatriate, Tourist, Others

Education Level

Less Than High School, High School Diploma, Bachelor's Degree, Master's Degree, Doctorate or Professional Degree

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